Tall Drum Lampshade with Coloured Inners


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This range of tall drum lampshades are available with either a brushed copper, brushed gold, brushed silver or matte champagne finish. The inners are reflective and give off a different glow depending on the colour chosen, they don’t allow the light to penetrate through the shade as a standard white inner would do. Tall Drum lampshades (or cylinder lampshades as they are sometimes referred to) have a top and bottom ring the same size, thus giving them their drum shape. They are available in 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 50cm diameter with a standard height in each size. Our shades are photographed in a 20cm diameter however depending on the diameter and height of the lampshade you require this may change the visual shape of the shade. To view the different sizes available within the tall drum lampshade range please go to our shapes and sizes page (insert link) where you will find images of the different shade sizes.