Frequently Asked Questions

The Lampshade Barn offer so many options, so there are normally a couple of questions from our customers!

Check out the FAQ’s below and if you still need assistance, get in touch!

What colour inner should I choose?

Firstly think about what you are wanting from the light, is it mood lighting or do you want to be able to use it as a reading light or to brighten an area?

Coloured inners are reflective and great for mood lighting however they will reflect the light up and down rather than allowing it through the shade. If you are wanting to allow the light to pass through the shade then a white inner is the better option for you. Also bear in mind that the thicker velvet and tartan fabrics won’t allow much light to pass through the shade either.

Coloured spokes

We introduced coloured spokes to our ranges in early 2020 and these have proved to be really popular, if you are going to choose beautiful fabrics and coloured inners it seemed a shame to then add a white spoke so we currently offer, silver, gold, copper, matte black and hot pink.

I have a small fitting on my lamp base, at the top of the shade

This is called a harp and finial fitting, please select the lampshade of your choice and then add the harp and finial fitting to your basket which can be found in the fitting and accessories section of the website. Please note these are currently not available in oval lampshades however we do have an alternative solution, please call the office for further information.

Delivery times

Estimated delivery times will be stated on the item in your basket. If you require an item sooner please call the office before placing your order, we will always try to accommodate if we can.

I can’t see the size I’m looking for / custom orders

We make lampshades of all shapes and sizes and do offer a bespoke service. We can always change the height on drum and oval shades however tapered shades will require a template to be drawn which will delay the despatch of your item slightly. Please call the office for further information


Our standard shades will fit both EU (4cm) and UK (2.5cm) fittings, the main ring is 4cm and comes with a reducer fitted which can be easily removed if not required. If you have a 1cm fitting you will need to select the harp and finial option in the fittings and accessories section of the website

Where is the fitting situated?

All our fitting sit 1.5” inside the shade, this is at the top of the lampshade for a ceiling fitting and at the bottom for a lamp base fitting.

How do I make a lampshade sit lower on the base

This is something we can do using a shade carrier, please call the office for further information.

Customers own fabrics

We currently don’t work with customer own fabrics, we stock over 150 fabrics for customers to choose from

I still need some assistance

Please visit the Contact Us page and get in touch with the Lampshade Barn team, today!