Free Fabric Samples

Did you know we send out fabric samples free of charge? Well we do!

All of our lampshades are handmade to order so we’d rather send you a fabric sample before you order, that way you can check that the colour you’ve chosen matches perfectly. Quite often we have new fabrics in or fabrics that you haven’t considered which might be the perfect match so if you ask for one sample and receive five don’t be surprised, we are just giving you a few more options.

How To Order Free Samples

Samples are easy to order, simply find the lampshade you like and under the title click ‘order free fabric sample’ you will receive this fabric (and maybe a few others) a complete set of inner colours along with a compliment slip so you don’t have to remember where you requested it from. All samples are labelled so you will know exactly which fabric you are looking at.

You’ll receive them quickly!

Samples are posted first class on either day of order or next working day.