Talk about spokes and inners

Botanical Drum Floor Lampshade Copper Mirror Inner

The humble lampshade, shouldn’t be left in a corner and forgotten about, simply to give off a warm glow of an evening. We at The Lampshade Barn believe you can make quite the statement with your choice of lampshade, thus accentuating the details of your home and the style with which you have chosen to decorate.

Every part of our lampshades are handmade, with all elements personally sourced from trusted suppliers. This gives us the ability to take different components within the structure of the lampshade and create something truly unique. Which is why we are proud to offer a selection of inner colours and spoke colours, to complement your choice of fabric options and match the style of your home.

Which means every element of your lampshade is now customisable, whether you’re opting for all out glamour with a bold velvet fabric coupled with a copper inner and spoke, or a more subtle yet striking look with a champagne fabric and black spoke. We have options to suit every taste of interiors.

The spokes on a lampshade are the most important part, they are what gives the shade its structure, what holds the whole piece together… so why should this part go overlooked in terms of styling. More often than not, whether purchasing a lampshade to fit a ceiling pendant or lampshade you will see the spokes, so why not accentuate your designs further by complementing your spoke colour to your fabric choice.

Currently we offer spoke options in the following colours; white, gold, copper, pink, black, silver or for a more industrial look we have a paired back version of our spokes with un-coated spoke.

Similarly, the inner of a lampshade is a lot more visible than you might first think, in fact it is not until you apply an inner colour that you can truly appreciate how visible and integral the inner of a lampshade is to its over-all finish. We offer inner colours in; white, gold, silver, copper and champagne. It’s amazing to see how a single lampshade can transform in style when you change the inner colour, making the fabric a lot more versatile and suitable for a range of interior styles.

Whilst this might seem overwhelming, we have made it really simple to select the choice of inner colour for your lampshade, with samples of each inner option seen throughout all listings on our website. So you can be sure that what you envisage in your mind when creating your lampshade will be the reality.

Our exciting range of spokes and inners are now available to shop in our website.